Free "Land Easy Marketing Clients" Course

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Part #1: Where To Find Profitable Niches & Clients That Are Easy To Land + Get Results For

Part #2: How To Get In Contact & What You Should Say 

Part #3: My Crazy Effective “Pre-Frame Formula" That Helps Seal The Deal Before Your Meeting/Call

Part #4: How To Close Deals Fast & Move Leads From “Interested” To “Paid”  

Part #5: How Painlessly Onboard Clients & Keep Them Happy

Bonus: How To Use Current Clients To Get New Clients 

Learn the skills you need to identify, connect with, close and keep more marketing clients. This course is designed to accelerate your business growth, boost your salary, make sense of sales and more.

Meet Your Instructor: Brian Downard is the Founder of BD Ventures, a six-figure digital advertising agency that turns online ads into sales and freelancers into consultants through his products, services and in-depth content. The strategies in this free course are the same ones Brian used to go from college dropout to building a six-figure consulting business without ads.